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Apple Announces iOS 8, Here are Some of the Most Important New Features

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Feb 6, 2014
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Many were expecting perhaps a new iPhone or better yet, the iWatch, but while these were mostly rumors and speculation, with no serious leaks or other realistic information to back them up, the star of the show was iOS 8. It’s been launched with many new features and improvements, of course, and here are some […]

There are other iOS 8 features announced which will lead to amazing app innovation we haven't even thought of yet that when they emerge will blow our minds. Apple has read the market so well with iOS 8. Its the 3rd party apps that power iOS device sales (although the devices are pretty cool and amazing too). Highlights for me are:
- thousands of new APIs enabling new apps to make much more use of inbuilt iOS capability
- massive new capability to enable apps to interconnect, embed each others UIs and share each others data... no longer will apps be like isolated pools.