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Aphelion - mind dazzling addictive puzzle game hits App Store

Mattias Ivarsson

New Member
Feb 11, 2013
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So.. you consider yourself an intelligent human being, right!?
You see this game and you think for yourself: No way this is a challenge!
Well.. Aphelion WILL prove you wrong!!

Aphelion is a puzzle game with a twist - you can cheat! But if you cheat this will affect your score on that level and show up on the leaderboards. The goal is to solve all levels using as few moves as possible. Finding a solution is sometimes hard enough and finding the perfect one will give you a real challenge. How far can you push yourself before taking the easy way out and start using hints?
$iPhone5_in_game_3.PNG$Game_icon.pngDownload and play it for FREE!

iTunes Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/aphelion/id833885245?l=sv&ls=1&mt=8

Watch official release-trailer here:
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