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Anyone having problems with Bluetooth?


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Jul 8, 2010
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Hi. My car has a built-in bluetooth system with microphone, speaker, etc. which worked great with my old Nokia phone. However, people are telling me that I'm very hard to hear and understand when I talk hands-free on my new iPhone. Any ideas?
I'm brand new to iPhones and overall think it's great, but I'm having similar problem. Also, why do I have to re-sync each time I get in the car? My old Nokia used to do it automatically. Help and advice would be much appreciated.
Ok so if they are still saying they don't know they have a problem they are lying or just stupid... I just up graded to the iPhone 4 from the original iPhone and was very excited because my old phone was slowing down and didn't have enough space. But since getting my new phone I've had to replace it once do to top ear speaker not working. Now with my second phone I'm having trouble with the bluetooth and my jawbone, people on the other end couldn't hear me very well and I kept loosing connection with the phone. Thinking it was my older model jawbone I gave it to my girl friend and bought the newest model. My old jawbone works perfectly with her Blackberry. Still major problems, if the phone is sitting on the counter things are ok, but put it in my pocket and things go down the tubes. Just putting the phone in my front pocket the phone lost connection with the head set, out walking the dog I had to carry the phone in my hand each time I put the phone in any of my pockets my girlfriend said she couldn't hear me over the noise (some sort of electronic audio interference) or the phone would loose contact with the headset completely. I'm afraid this isn't going to be a software fix, I'm afraid it's faulty antennas, I have the bumper and it's not helping with this issue...
I am on my 3rd iPhone 4, 1st new, 2nd refurb, third who knows....., theoretically it was new from Apple. I won't go into the litany of problems I have had, suffice it to say extreme and numerous. But in all three phones, I have had the bluetooth drop out, garbled, muffled and incomprehensible audio. Probably 90% of the bad audio is on my callers end, not what I hear. I am experiencing the very same things mentioned by everyone in the forum. I have tried numerous hi-end $$ bluetooth headsets (Jawbone, Plantronics, SoundID) and they all have the same problem. With my old original iPhone, I could walk in other rooms with out the phone and only experience scratchy audio and not lose connection unless I went beyond 35 or 40 feet. Now, I can have the phone in my shirt or pants pocket and it will lose connection. And, people I am talking to in all conditions 75% of the time report "echoing" on their end. I am praying Apple with be able to figure this one out and fix in a software update. I am totally dependent on bluetooth headset use. I refuse to plant any phone on my head. I have heard good results now with the new Blueant Q2, and may pony up just to see if it helps. I am getting tired of recalling, and making excuses on the majority of my calls. Come on Apple, this is no small problem. Acknowledge, analyze and fix the problem. No free case is going to fix this problem.
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So after my little rant I went to the apple store and talked to them about it. I was asked if I'd updated from an older iPhone and synced it that way? Which I had. They told me to set it up as a new phone instead so it wouldn't pull any of my old settings... Ok...
So I went home restored everything as a new phone. I then synced it with my iTunes and lost a few things and had to reset every thing including many of my apps....
But I have to admit it seems to have worked still get the background noise every once in a while but no problems with it being in my pocket or having to be right next to the phone...
I am having to reset this phone do to lock-ups more often and I do still have my Bluetooth headset just drop connection once in a while but nothing like before I restored everything...
I do have to admit I love my phone... Just hope they can work out all the bugs,,,, well at least most of them here soon...
had the same probs with both my ip4--had to buy a blueant t1 to fix the headset problems--have had it over a week and all works--every once in awhile someone will tell me i sound like i'm on speaker phone but still can hear me fine--like i said before apple knows this is a problem but won't say a word till they have a fix cause it would hurt sales--apple isn't the friendly company they want to project to the customer
Hi all new to the forum, due to this very issue. My plantronic 520 that was pairing flawlessly with my 3gs will not stay paired to my 4G. I have tried 2 motorolla's and another plantronics to no avail. I read on another forum that this is an OS issue, something about saving battery life.

Anyone heard of a fix? Has Apple stood up the plate and admitted there is a problem? I drive a six speed, manual shift car and rely on my blue tooth. It won't connect to my Kenwood system either.

updated the phone to 4.0.2 (8A400)Yesterday hoping there was a fix, not!
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Just tried another BT headset, Motorolla H270. Works no problem- clear conversation on both ends and phone does not drop the BT. Curious if this headset is on a different BT signal then my plantronic.


I have a handfree built in on my car too, I just got my iphone.. will connect and update you :) though, I am sure it will work great.
ok i have had my blueant t1 for about 3 weeks--i'm ok with it but it does have problems like it disconnects and reconnects often even though its on my belt 2 ft away. i saw a update for it on blueants web site so tried to update it and what a hassle--kept getting a microsoft error and tried to load the updates and still wouldn't work so i just gave up.

like i've said before the bluetooth problems are apples fault and need to be fixed but no one at apple is listening to us. att and apple told me they haven't heard of and real problems with the i4 and bluetooth problems.

lies or maybe visit your own web site and see whats being said

hello mc fly
I did a search and found this thread. I'm having a issue with Bluetooth also. It worked find at first, in my pocket and everywhere else. I bought a Blueant Q1 and it still worked fine and, I was actually impressed with how far I could walk around my house. The problems seem to start after I began using the Magellan car kit and after removing my old ear-piece from the Bluetooth in settings.

I now have the same problems everyone else has such as, disconnection when putting the phone in my pocket or just stepping a few feet away. It is a fun device but, I don't use this phone as much as most people. Most of my calls are for business and the conversations are usually short but, I want it working at-least for that. I hope Apple straightens this out. I'm going to try and reset it to see if that helps.
i have the blueant t1 and generally like it. i am having the same problems and tried to update the headset on the blueant web site and couldn't get it to update. had to reset the headset several times before i could reconnect with the ip4. i still think its a apple problem that they either refuse to accept it or can't fix. like i said before so much for the great apple customer service. they really do care(about profits)
The Keynote Steve Jobs did on the 1st about the iPods, said in the new iOS 4.1 update coming out next week that there is a bluetooth update in it. Don't know what exactly it is, but there is something being updated.
I also heve a problem whit the bluetooth, it's searching, and searching and can't find any thing, Iw got a Mac, who has bluetooth, I'w got Nokia-phones who has bluetooth, Iw got a headset from Nokia BH-502 who even has bluetooth, but the Iphone4 can't find any of them, what can I do to fix this problem?