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Any solutions to my gripes with my 5s?


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Sep 9, 2014
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How come I don't get text message alerts from my favourites when in do not disturb mode ?

How come people tell me that the sound cuts in and out on phone conversations if I don't speak loudly into the phone ?

Why can't I answer my phone by pressing a physical button, instead of having to swipe my nose across the screen if I'm wearing gloves ?

Why can't I use the button to take pictures? Why do we need a second button that is awkward to press while holding the phone with one hand ?

How come I can't have my phone repeat an alert to tell me I missed a call, like it will for missed messages ?

How come I can't block calls from private numbers ?

How come I can't name my pictures ?

How come I can't keep the fingerprint security off for a couple minutes ?

Why is the volume and vibration so low ?

Obviously I am sarcastically daring anyone to answer these questions, but they still need an answer other than "because you don't need these features". Most of these things could easily be added, but someone else is pulling the strings for some inexplicable reason.
When iOS 8 is released with the iPhone 6, I don't expect any of these or any of the other myriad of shortcomings of this phone to be changed.

Is this as good as it gets?

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LOL about the nose swipe!! I hadn't thought of that. I bought a pair of smartphone gloves..love 'em.

I wonder if you have mic issues if you are having your conversation cut in and out. That isn't normal. Have you taken your phone to Apple store?

Your photo "button" question is not quite clear...but do you realize you can press the volume button to take a pic?

If you block private calls, you may miss a call from my husband (a veterinarian who doesn't want to give his number out) LOL! Many professionals have private numbers. Not an answer to your question, but something to think about if you don't answer that call!
I didn't know you could take pictures from the volume button. Thanks, that is way better. The picture of a button next to the real button is what I was talking about. It's in a awkward place when taking a picture with one hand. One down!
I am a contractor and I get calls all day from telemarketers from all kinds of numbers. If someone's wants to use an unlisted number to reach me they can leave a message. I need to know who's calling before I answer it.
I think the problem with the mic is that the Otter case blocks the sound, and the mic is way down at the bottom of the phone. It should be at the button. If I put speaker phone on I can talk into the end and it's fine.

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