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Oct 5, 2010
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Hi guys n gals I'm new on here and just wanted to introduce myself, I consider myself kind of a dork but that's ok I haven't any complaints.. Yet. I fix pc's for a living in the Ventura county area of California, like pc's for their customizability but am also a huge apple fan too. Have or have had: iPod 2g 20gb, iPod video 30gb, iPhone 3G, iPhone 3GS jailbroken using jailbreakme, and my fav so far(minus lack of jb so far but am patiently waiting) iPhone 4 32gb. I would like to think that when technology is concerned im not a rookie but wouldn't concider myself a pro either I feel there is always room for improvement and if I dont know something I tend to either figure it out fairly easily or search until my curiosity I sated

Pleasure to meet you all
Trying to activate my iPhone 4 that I bought with no service plan in USA. Back in Denmark now - and I can't activate. Bummer!!
You should wait for the jb it shouldn't be too much longer