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Announcing "EmotiME", the revolutionary way to text emoticons!!


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Jul 3, 2014
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Hello all!

It is with great pleasure to announce to you all that two friends and I have just created a brand-new app for all versions of the iPhone called “EmotiME”!!! The goal is to personalize the art of emoticons through text messaging by using your own face rather than the little yellow Emoji faces! That’s right, EmotiME allows you to completely personalize your emoticons by replacing the yellow emotionless faces with your own face and individual expression! With 45 expressions to choose from, you can snap a picture of your face portraying whatever emotion you wish to get across! The best part is that as soon as you save a picture, it automatically stores to your phone’s camera roll for you to insert into a text conversation!

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Download our app at the App Store for free and be the first to show your friends and family how you really feel!

We no longer live in a world of yellow faces!


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