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[AIUTO] Touch Rotto


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Oct 28, 2015
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Una mia Amica mi ha chiesto se potevo recuperare le immagini dal suo telefono col touch rotto....
Io pensavo fosse una cosa facile...
Ma appena lo collego al mio Mac mi dice, sia Itunes che Foto, che devo inserire la password....
Però quando metto la password mi va in blocco e mette numeri a caso...
Ora dice di collegarlo itunes (ho 'sbagliato' troppe volte il codice)
C' è un modo per inserire la password da itunes..
Sono disperato!

My friend asked me if I could retrieve images from your phone with touch broken ....
I thought it was an easy thing ...
But as soon as I connect it to my Mac I tell me, is that Itunes photos, I have toenter the password ....
But when I put the password it will lock and puts random numbers ...
Now he says connecting itunes (I 'wrong' too many times the code)
C 'is a way to enter the password from itunes ..
I'm desperate!
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There's no way to enter the passcode from iTunes.
If you entered the wrong passcode too often, you'll have to erase the iPhone, and this means she'll lose her pictures.