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Add subtitles to mp4 for non english part


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Apr 21, 2014
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I convert avi files to work on my Apple TV, iPad and iphone. Currently the software I use to convert to mp4 is iSquint. Although if the avi comes with a srt file then this software doesn't convert with the subtitles. I have been trying to look for an easy way to add in the subtitles for the non English parts of a film.

I have tried using sublet but this puts on subtitles for all speaking parts and comes up as a dark band at the bottom of the screen. But if I were to play an avi with the srt file in the same folder then the avi files plays the film and only shows subtitles at the non English parts and in a better format than using subler.

For example I had the Thor: The Dark World Movie on avi with an srt file and the film plays flawlessly with the srt file but loses this when converted to mp4.

What I like about iSquint is that I can batch convert films at a high quality and it puts it only itunes for me. So if I was to use different software it would need to do the same thing as the less time I spend in front of the computer the better. Would also want any subtitle software to do the sync automatically rather than having to do it manually.

Any help out there would be greatly appreciated as I'm starting to miss this functionality with films on my apply tv and iPad etc.

The OS I use is Mac OSX Lion.