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5.5-Inch iPhone 6 Now Rumored to be Called 'iPhone 6 Plus'


iPhoneForums.net News Team
Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
With all the rumors and leaks flying around the past few months, we seem to know a lot regarding what Apple is planning to unveil tomorrow morning. However, the blogosphere seems to be confused on what Apple is planning to name the larger 5.5-inch iPhone 6.

Names like the 'iPhone 6L', 'iPhone Air', and 'iPhone Pro' have been flying around, but none of the sources seem to agree on one name. Japanese blog MacOtakara chimed in a little more on this matter Monday morning, claiming that Apple will be releasing the 5.5-inch iPhone 6 under the 'iPhone 6 Plus' moniker.

The article goes on to say that our favorite fruit company will be releasing both sizes in the standard iPhone 5S colors, meaning Space Gray, Gold, and Silver. The blog continues, claiming that Apple will have both devices in 16, 32, and 64GB, with no word regarding 128GB models.

MacOtakara has a good track record, predicting the names of both iPhone 5S and 5C last year, along with other predictions. However, the 'iPhone 6 Plus' is a bit of a strange name, which doesn't seem like an Apple thing to do, so take this one with a grain of salt.