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4s unlock help


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Jun 30, 2014
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The wife has an iphone 4s that was unlocked using a gpp sim i think she was running an ios 6.x. I'm pretty sure it's a sprint phone(that's what the carrier info is when it's turned on) and she was using it on t mobile with the chip. The idiot upgraded to ios 7.1.1 and now can't use the phone. Is there a way or a sim chip that i can use to unlock it again? The phone was never jailbroken just unlocked. Thanks
Sorry i don't know what you mean, are you taling about the gpp sim or something from sprint? And how do i get one? Thanks
GPP. R-SIMs (trademarked Gevey SIMs) come with an activation SIM that you slip in to activate the device if you're stuck on the activation screen. If you're not stuck at the activation screen, you need to make sure your interposer (in your case GPP) is compatible with the iOS you're on, and usually you have to re-set the carrier options and all again, which is what you're doing with the activation SIM so that your device see's your "chosen" carrier as the default carrier, rather than Sprint.
I believe she updated the ios past the gpp chips ios and that's the problem, so i need a new sim chip correct? And do you know of one that work's on my phone? Thank's
What specifically is the issue at the moment? Is the phone stuck on the activation screen requesting for a valid SIM? Or can you access apps and Safari and all, but can't make calls or text? Because the approach is different for each scenario
Not really sure but i think it's the valid sim deal.
I will ask the wife in the morning if you can help me tomorrow that would be great. Thanks again
The phone get's internet she just can't call or text
I think there is a unlock sim could help you solve the problem, with it you could use any sim card in your iPhone.
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I had looked into these a few months ago but most said you would only be able to make calls, textimg was a problem with the sprint phones. The problem i have is that the phone will not actvate she can get internet,facbook,etc but i keep getting a "phone not activated contact carrier" message and cannot call or text. The phone was never jail broken just unlocked with a gpp sim and a activation code from the neter team. My wifes whole life is in that phone(contacts,pics, etc) and if i remember correctly when i first unlocked it i had to reset it and enter the code on the neter card and pick my new carrier. If i buy a new unlock sim will it need to be reset again? If i lose her data she will have a fit. Is there a way to save all her info? One last question if i did a reset would the phone revert back to the original ios or still have the 7.1.1 ios she upgraded to? Thanks
The wife upgraded her i phone 4s to ios 7.1.1 and lost her unlock (gpp/neter team unlock sim) and we are having a hard time finding a new unlock sim that will work %100 on her phone(original carrier was sprint and we use t mobile) so i'm thinking of resetting the phone. If i do will the ios revert back to factory setting and is there any way to save her current data and get it back on that phone after i downgrade the ios? Thank you
I cant help with the unlocking but i can tell you that you can't downgrade the iOS on your iPhone 4S. You'll have to find an unlocking service that will work with iOS 7.1.1.
Even if i erase everything and do a hard reset? Saw a vid of a guy restoring with an old version (10.7) of i tunes after resetting the phone.