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3D gesture - the innovative way to control your iPhone/iPad


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May 27, 2010
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Relying on touch only to control your iPhone/iPad might be a thing of the past. Apple is investigating new ways of interacting with the devices, such as using hand gestures to navigate and control a video recording system without touching anything.

The idea of the patent that Apple field is to allow a user to remotely control either their iPhone or iPad with the other device while editing video or recording video. The devices would be linked either through Bluetooth or WiFi, of course. So once they are linked to each other, the iPad recording video, you could control it with the iPhone so as not to interrupt the display of the iPad. So how can all of this be achieved you ask? According to Apple, next generation iPad and/or other iOS device displays will allow costumers to create avatars for 3D environments or assist homeowners in designing new landscapes and more by using 3D gesturing. 3D gesture inputs are described in terms of the movements of the user’s fingers.

Basically, Apple introduces us to various new gesture inputs that will be used to render complex 3D objects. For example, a design company will be able to use this iPad to quickly generate 3D models of consumer products. Video game developers could use it to quickly generate their 3D models of figures in video games. User will have access to quickly generating avatars, while house owners in need of some remodeling could generate 3D models of their houses based on aerial photographs.

There’s no word on when any of this will actually be hitting the markets, although we don’t expect to be seeing it anytime soon – maybe the iPad 4? It would certainly be something of a USP and one that Apple will no doubt be keen to get out of the bag, so to speak.

Source: wired