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256Gb & iCloud+ or 512Gb

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Apr 4, 2022
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iCloud+ or Internal Storage

To put in context; A couple of weeks ago I bought a 256Gb iPhone 11 Pro Max on BackMarket, after uploading the backup I realized that I have 80Gb left and I thought about buying the same device with 512Gb now that I am in the withdrawal period or continue with this and buy iCloud+ 200Gb in the future.

On refurbished market you don't know what could come, sure its going to be a funtional device but it would be disappointing for me to receive an iphone with higher capacity storage but worse overall condition (body, internal components, battery condition...)
The iPhone I have now is literally brand new, with 93% battery condition, all original parts and pristine exterior appearance, I'm delighted with it but I'm a little afraid of running out of storage in a couple of years.

The cons of buying the 512Gb iPhone would not only be the €25-50 difference, but also since it is a refurbished website, the battery condition may be lower than the actual, parts such as the screen, battery, cameras... may not be original and the exterior appearance may be in worse condition than the current one, and honestly I'm not very confident about taking the risk again.

My question is... Under this scenario, What do you consider to be the better option, a 512Gb or 256Gb & iCloud+ (200Gb)? What advantages do you think one might have over the other? And the disadvantages?

I await your responses and thank you for your time.

I also make a poll so you can put your answers


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Apr 23, 2022
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From what I gather from your post, you’re already siding with going the iCloud+ route and that’s fine. I subscribe to 200 GB of iCloud storage for $2.99 a month and for me, it’s worth it. I have plenty of on-device storage but I don’t like keeping a lot of stuff on my iPhone so I opt to put them in the Files app as well as on an external SSD drive. For safekeeping, I recommend you take advantage of online storage and the use of external disk storage.
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