1. C

    iCloud keeps bringing in entire photo archive onto my iPhone!

    Hi, apologies if this has been answered already. I imagine it has but I couldn't quite find the same issue upon searching the forum. Please link me to an old post if so. My issue: I have 13,000+ photos going back almost 20 years, all backed up to iCloud (w/ the 200gb storage upgrade). I...
  2. S

    Apple Maps bloat with Carplay?

    Hello All, My phone is iphone XR. I'm having an issue that I cannot solve... When I use Apple Maps connected to Carplay, the "documents and data" storage for the app bloats. For example: - I removed the Maps app and reinstalled. Documents and Data now at approx. 56 MB - Used the Maps app...
  3. I

    256Gb & iCloud+ or 512Gb???

    iCloud+ or Internal Storage To put in context; A couple of weeks ago I bought a 256Gb iPhone 11 Pro Max on BackMarket, after uploading the backup I realized that I have 80Gb left and I thought about buying the same device with 512Gb now that I am in the withdrawal period or continue with this...
  4. T

    Support: recorded Voice Memo with headsets that were not in the same room

    I used Voice Memo to record an important interview. Unfortunately, my headsets were connected via Bluetooth and placed in a different room. During the recording, it thus recorded everything said in that given room, but not in the one where I sat interviewing. Is there a chance that the Iphone...
  5. D

    6s plus memory problem

    Can anyone tell me why when my phone won’t update anything because there is not enough memory and I check and it says I have 15.7 of 16 gb used, so I delete over 2gb of info and then I have only 15.6 fb out of 16 left. Math wasn’t my strongest suit but even I can tell something doesn’t add up right.
  6. J

    iphone 6 storage full

    I keep getting the message that the storage on my iphone 6 is full. When I look under 'storage' in settings, it says Used 12GB, Available Zero KB. The app that shows most used is 'Photos & Camera' at 2.8GB used, but my photos are supposed to be going to icloud. I don't understand why the...
  7. P

    Another 5C Storage Thread

    The model number is MGFJ2LL/A. It's a 8GB 5C I think. The storage is driving me crazy. Drilling down Settings ------> Usage -------> Storage I see: Used 5.4 GB Available 0 Bytes I click 'Manage' and see lots of stuff that adds up to about 520 MB. I have no idea what's going on and can't seem...
  8. K

    iPhone 6 transferring photos problem.

    Hi, first ever post as I really need help (before I end up smashing the phone up)! Okay so the short way of explaining the problem is that my my phones memory is full so therefore I need to delete the photos/videos off it. However I obviously want to keep the photos before I delete them so need...
  9. L

    Storage problems?

    Ok so I have a 128gb iPhone 6s; yesterday I was using 32 gb of storage and now I'm using 111 gb. I haven't downloaded anything large recently. I've tried restarting the phone, syncing through iTunes, and restoring from a backup. In iTunes its showing that new space as being used up by Documents...
  10. DaveM

    iCloud Drive questions

    I'm having trouble getting my head around iCloud Drive, and the difference between it and iCloud. I've read the Apple information and FAQs, but am still confused. If an iPhone or iPad is filled with photos can they be moved to iCloud drive, freeing up space on those devices? It seems like iCloud...