1. C

    iPhone 6s won't log in, won't be recognised by computers and won't connect to Wifi and Bluetooth is

    Hi, My iPhone 6s will not sign into Apple ID. On the home page of Settings, a prompt appears saying 'Update Apple ID Settings, some account services require you to sign in again' and asks for my password, which I enter (I know it's correct) and when I press 'Sign In' both the 'Cancel' and 'Sign...
  2. mobileaddict

    Cannot search wifi networks

    hi Guys, I have a problem with my iphone 6 plus gpp unlock.. My wifi option cannot search for networks. any fix or tips on what to do?
  3. S

    restrict data usage

    Hi, I would like to restrict data usage as much as "sensibly possibly" when data volume "expensive" access to the internet. This is true for both roaming and when using a mifi abroad. When connected via Wifi to the Mifi the Iphone thinks it using Wifi access to the internet when in reality it is...
  4. A

    No able get on Wifi network

    My wife has an iphone 6s plus. We have a community gym with open Wi-Fi. However there is a pass code gate i.e. you have to login every time by entering the pass code in the browser. I’m an android guy through and through. I have absolutely no issue getting on the gym Wi-Fi. As soon as my phone...
  5. 2

    Create a WiFi hotspot from existing WiFi source?

    I'm not very good at posting on forums so I'll just ask my question. Is it possible to connect my jailbroken iPod Touch 4G to my school's wifi, install Tor or some other proxy and then create a hotspot to connect my chromebook to. I can't configure any proxies directly to my chromebook because...
  6. A

    Wifi manager?

    I am new to iPhone, and there is one type of app that I cannot seem to find I would like to be able to auto toggle wifi depending on my location. Prior apps I used would use the cell tower I was connected to or GPS does this not exist for iPhone ? Thanks