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  1. B

    iPhone 4s (iTunes Error 29 Problems)

    As it started off my brother came to me and said his phone would just turn off at random, I thought that there must be an issue with the software and tried to restore it. I got error 29 while restoring. I tried different restore methods none which have worked. i.e: DFU etc... Looking online and...
  2. KoolKard

    App Update and Apple ID Mix Up

    If you back up multiple iOS devices on the same computer you may run into the problem of one device recognizing the Apple ID of another when attempting to update your Apps in the App Store. Before updating it will ask you to sign into to one of the other devices Apple IDs even though your phone...
  3. C

    iPhone 4S stuck on Apple logo with loading bar, DFU non reacting

    Hello, my iPhone 4S after update stuck on Apple logo with loading bar.After a while, the phone restarts and the whole procedure is repeated. iTunes phone will not load. When I try to put the phone into DFU mode, the phone displays only the message about connecting to iTunes, and then the phone...
  4. E

    IOS 9 Update issues

    My girlfriend ttried updating her Iphone 5c with IOS 9. As most Iphone users on here probably already know there are a lot of issues with this update and I'm looking for help. The phone is to the point where it needs to it says slide to update. when I slide I have to put her password in then the...