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  1. D

    Unlocking iPhone 8 Plus with DoctorSim UMS

    So I paid for my phone to be unlocked by doctorsim. So far theyve been very responsive and helpful. They've indicated that the 8 plus cannot be unlocked via IMEI, so they sent me UMS (unlock my sim) sticker thing for free. It came in the mail, its like a small piece of thin plastic with some...
  2. nerdyiphonen00b

    iPhone Carrier Unlocking and Functional Testing

    Hey guys, Recently purchased 30+ iPhones at an electronics repair store that's going out of business. These phones are all gently used/like new and very little to no information (original carrier, country of origin, ect) was provided about these devices. Models range from iPhone 5c through...
  3. I

    So this happend

    So i bought an iPhone 7 from craigslist but when i came home I saw an activation lock and tried looking for a iPhone 7 iCloud bypass type of software or something but it was limited stuff I found a website called Edited - scam site has anyone used this site or know of any site that actually made...
  4. Maura

    U.S Justice Department Drops New York iPhone Unlock Case Against Apple

    MacRumors reports that the U.S. Justice Department has dropped its bid to get Apple to assist it in unlocking an iPhone that was part of a drug case in New York when the phone’s passcode was handed over to the authorities. The decision was revealed in a letter sent to the judge by prosecutors...
  5. M

    unlocked iphone 5s problem

    I have recently got an iphone 5s that was previously on an EE contract. The contract was bought out and we paid EE to unlock the phone which they did. I then put a 3 sim into the phone and everything worked fine until i had to restore the phone in i tunes on my desktop. Since the restore...