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U.S Justice Department Drops New York iPhone Unlock Case Against Apple


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Jun 18, 2010
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MacRumors reports that the U.S. Justice Department has dropped its bid to get Apple to assist it in unlocking an iPhone that was part of a drug case in New York when the phone’s passcode was handed over to the authorities. The decision was revealed in a letter sent to the judge by prosecutors that BuzzFeed News obtained. Here’s part of what the letter said:

“The government respectfully submits this letter to update the Court and the parties. Yesterday evening, an individual provided the passcode to the iPhone at issue in this case. Late last night, the government used that passcode by hand and gained access to the iPhone. Accordingly, the government no longer needs Apple's assistance to unlock the iPhone, and withdraws its application.”

In a statement from Justice Department spokeswoman Emily Pearce, which was also obtained by BuzzFeed News, Pearce insisted that the case had never been about setting a precedent, rather, it had been about law enforcement’s “ability and need to access evidence on devices pursuant to lawful court orders and search warrants.”

Source: U.S. Drops New York Case Against Apple After Unlocking iPhone Without Assistance