touch id

  1. Maura

    Apple Files Patent for Display-Embedded Touch ID

    Hot on the heels of very recent rumours that Apple will be introducing an iPhone with an edge-to-edge display from 2017 onwards, 9to5 Mac reports today that a patent that Apple filed in March last year reveals how it might do this. In the patent filing, which has only just been published, Apple...
  2. Michael Graubart

    Touch ID & Passcode registers fingerprint but does not retain it

    iPhone 5s with iOS 9.2.1 I want to set up Touch ID so that I can make purchases from the App Store without having to type in my ID and password each time. If I open Settings > Touch ID & Password and turn on 'iPhone Unlock' and/or 'iTunes & App Store', I am invited to go through the process of...
  3. K

    iPhone6 ios 9.2 will not remember my fingerprint

    I spent many days with tech support including getting a replacement phone. No matter what I do, my phone does not remember a finger print for more than a few hours and definitely not overnight. The phone has been restored as new in a manner that should have prevented any software glitches from...