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    iphone 8 screen ripples

    Just got a used iphone 8 and the screen has ripples without me touching it. Any ideas?
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    Replaced screeen, phones on screen and ringer doesn't work

    I had a buddy who fixes phones do my screen & after he replaced it he plugged it in to see if the screen worked before setting it in, it showed the charge battery symbol and died and neither new or old screen or ringer has worked since and I had been password locked out but it pops up when I...
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    Tempered glass screen protector problem

    broke my iPhone 6 screen. Had a new one installed and also bought a Verizon tempered glass screen protector to be installed. Now my screen is so sensitive that I have to hold phone away from my face because it is constantly muting screen, turning call into FaceTime, or beeping because numbers...
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    When the lock screen interface will be gray short, then completely black screen

    Is there anyone who knows how to solve the problem?