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  1. L

    Touchscreen not working

    So the glass back of my phone has been broken for practically the whole year I've had it and the glass pieces started falling off months ago. It's gotten to the point where there's practically none left (oops, I got it very cheap though so not looking to repair) my apple pay stopped working a...
  2. J

    iPhone X jailbreak

    Hello, everyone! I bought a new iPhone X and there I need to jailbreak it. Because all we know we can't move from the official Apple app store. So it is just like we are in jail. So there we have to jailbreak our iOS devices. So here I want to know is that safe to jailbreak iPhone X?
  3. I

    iPhone X LCD leak, no point of impact, no coverage

    I have had my iPhone X for 6 weeks, in a case w/ a glass screen protector from day one. However, yesterday the screen began to glitch and I could feel it overheating near the camera. It was still functioning, but every time I went to open the camera it caused my phone to restart. After an hour...
  4. C

    I had told myself...

    That Apple had taken its eye off the ball. As a long time Apple fan, both of desktop and phone offerings, I had/have become increasingly disenchanted ny Apple's products and services - beautiful as they are. Discontent started early with form over function raising its ugly head in various Apple...
  5. R

    Ringtone Issues

    Hi, I installed all of my old ringtones from my Iphone 7, assigned some to contacts as well as selected one for my general ringtone. They all confirm the sounds in the settings panel, then when the phone rings, none of the designated sounds work. I get the Apple ringtones that I've never heard...