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    iPhone 7 FaceTime and Wallaper problems

    Hello. Yesterday I bought an iPhone 7 and I notice a terrible bug. When I talk on FaceTime, Wi-Fi shuts off and the call stays on my mobile internet only. Get to the router, again the same - it switches to mobile data. Please tell me whether this is a bug from my phone or from the software...
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    iphone 7 back camera problem

    Hi all, my iphone 7 fell face flat down from pocket height earlier today, screen protector cracked a bit, albeit everything else was fine, i wanted to take a picture and opened the back camera and discovered that the whole camera had turned green, like there was a green overlay to it, with...
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    Iphone 7 retail price in US

    Hi guys Can someone please let me know how much is an iphone 7 32gb version retailing for in USA right now. As per the apple website the price is 549$. I wanted to check if an unlocked version will cost me the same if I buy from a local retailer as opposed to buying from the apple website.
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    Night Video Shoot

    I download an application called night photo and video shoot on iphone7 and I tried to record a video with it at night and tried to save the video from iphone7 to the laptop but I faced a problem there was no video shown when I plug in the usb to the computer although the video I recorded is...