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    iPhone 6s won't log in, won't be recognised by computers and won't connect to Wifi and Bluetooth is

    Hi, My iPhone 6s will not sign into Apple ID. On the home page of Settings, a prompt appears saying 'Update Apple ID Settings, some account services require you to sign in again' and asks for my password, which I enter (I know it's correct) and when I press 'Sign In' both the 'Cancel' and 'Sign...
  2. A

    How to transfer mp3 from pc Win7 to iphone 6s

    Hello All, I am trying to transfer MP3 files to my Iphone6S plus using iTunes but find it complex. Anyone knows a simpler free program for doing this job. Thanks & regards, Anne
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    Hello, Hi I'm new here.

    I am Jan. Good to have found this place. I love Apple products. best love for iphone. Can't wait for IOS 11 and of course the next line of iphones. looking forward for some exciting news. thanks. bye for now.
  4. D

    iPhone 6s Earpiece speaker inoperable after opening iPhone

    Hello I'm a noob, haha well here's what happened I opened my iPhone 6s to unplug/plug the battery and I did fix the issue I had Well now, the earpiece speaker on the phone won't operate...no sound I have the assumption that the ribbon by the earpiece was mistreated or ripped as I opened it but I...
  5. S

    deleting non existing icloud account

    Hi everyone I have searched all over the net to find an answer for this but unfortunately there is no clear answer so i wa wondering who would be able to help me. I have an iphone 5 which was on ios 6.1.2. I decided to recenly update it to ios 9.2. I have now been automatically logged in to my...