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  1. Maura

    iOS 12 Will Securely Share Your Location With 911 in an Emergency

    Apple has today announced that iOS 12 will have a new feature designed to enable people in emergency situations to get help as quickly as possible, whereby the location data of anyone in the US who calls 911will, automatically and securely, be shared with first responders. This should reduce...
  2. Maura

    Apple Repair Facility Made 1,600 False Alarm Calls Since October

    A fascinating story today from CBS Sacramento, via AppleInsider, which reports that Apple’s repair and refurbishing centre in Elk Grove, California, is responsible for making approximately 1,600 false-alarm 911 emergency calls since last October. Jamie Hudson, an emergency dispatcher at the Elk...
  3. Maura

    Apple Watch SOS Emergency Feature Saves Woman’s Life After Car Crash

    Shape.com reports today on how a woman used her Apple Watch SOS feature to call for help for her and her 9-month-old baby son after her car was hit by a drunk driver. Twenty-four-year-old Kacie Anderson from Hannover, PA, wrote a letter to Apple telling them how the device saved the life of her...
  4. Maura

    Rumour: LTE Apple Watch Can Make Emergency Calls Without Linked iPhone Number

    AppleInsider reports today that a redditor on the Apple Watch reddit has posted that they had been told by Apple engineers that despite the fact that LTE Apple Watch Series 3 units are supposed to be linked to an iPhone number in order to make calls on the watch, they should still be able to...
  5. Maura

    Siri’s Response to Emergencies is Improving, but Still Needs Work

    According to a report on 9to5 Mac today, researchers have been testing Siri’s ability to respond to personal and medical emergencies, and have found that it has greatly improved since an initial survey was carried out by Stanford university a year ago, but that it is a long way off being...