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  1. ralphdn

    IPhone beeps and cable connection lost

    When my power cord is moved while plugged into my iPhone 5s, it often loses connection and charging stops and the green loading symbol turns white-on-black, usually going back to green and beeping when connection comes back on. This also occurs when using a new cable, and also when loading from...
  2. D

    NEED adaptor. Please

    I am in search for an adaptor that has a female lightning and a female USB. Doesn't have to be a long cable. I have found one online but it is no longer available. Let me know if you know where to get such thing. Thank you.
  3. ralphdn

    cable doesn't load

    I have bought many iPhone 4 cables, mostly from amazon (where they are labelled "certified by Apple USB cable for APPLE iPhone 4/4s, ..."); with some of them the iPhone "bings" and starts loading, with others nothing happens. It seems to have to do with the source, but not always. For example, I...