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    Verizon talking people out of the iphone?

    Rule number one, If you appear to be a sucker, they will pounce on you and treat you like a sucker.
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    Trying to watch Netflix on the road

    You may see some jerkiness at times as you are handed off from one tower to another. verizon has its best coverage along interstates. Back highways, not so much.
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    Gmail push issues

    I had the problem with it asking me to enter correct password today, even though it was correct. So i went back into mail settings, re entered password, and it is working fine again.
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    major league baseball on iphone 4

    Wow, just wow. Another peddling this scam. They have no clue what baseball is.
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    major league baseball on iphone 4

    And what "the" baseball game did you watch?
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    major league baseball on iphone 4

    First of all, it is illegal. They are broadcasting copyrighted material without permission. Second, it's a one person run site somewhere in Europe. And no fool should give credit card information to such a shady entity.
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    major league baseball on iphone 4

    Dont fall for this scam. Just google elite tv scam and you will find plenty of links.
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    Battery Drain 4.2.8 on IP 4

    You may need to restore your phone. I have no such problem with 4.2.8. Battery life is great.
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    4.2.8 Wifi issues

    No problems here with wifi on 4.2.8. Works perfectly. Have you tried rebooting your wifi router?
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    Audio / Video to TV????

    You will likely have to wait for ios 5.0 which will probably come out this fall. You can thank Verizon for the problem since any software upgrades must get their approval.
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    Absolute best iPhone 4 case?

    Yes, expensive, cool, and good at killing reception.
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    OTA updates for IOS 5

    If the ota updates are like the ota for android system this will be a plus. With android you can turn the ota off with or without root access. I'm sure those who develop the jb software will be able to do the same.
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    Movies As Apps

    That would likely be the app the OP was talking about. But I would bet he was hoping for seeing the movie for free and not just a trailer. Nothing in life is free.
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    Movies As Apps

    Movies by one tap is an app that will show trailers of movies.
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    Movies As Apps

    Your question is very confusing. A movie is a movie and an app is an app. A movie is not an app. Please reword your question.