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    How can I move icons from page to page?

    Thank you!
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    How can I move icons from page to page?

    I have three pages of icons on my iPhone 7. Is it possible to move icons from page to page to consolidate them? I miss the good old days when I could plug the phone into my MacBook Pro and use the mouse or trackpad move icons anywhere I wished. Thank you in advance for your expetise and...
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    Moving app icons

    I miss the "old days" when I could connect my iPhone 7 to my MacBookPro, go to the iPhone app and move app icons anywhere I wanted, on any screen. Now I need to move some but the only way I can is to hold my finger on an app and try to slide it into the prior or following screen EXCEPT... that...
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    HP-12 Calculator

    I use the HP-12 calculator many times a day but the popup screen before the calculator drives me nuts. I have to click on some silly screen (usually not an ad), then it's 10-15 seconds before the calculator pops up. It's not asking for payment to stop ads. Is there a way to eliminate the...
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    Syncing iPhone 7 Calendar with MacBook Pro

    I have many, many important dates, etc. on my iPhone 7 calendar. My MacBook Pro calendar doesn't have very much info on it. How can I make sure when I plug the iPhone 7 into my MacBook Pro the data ON the iPhone 7 will be synced onto the MacBook Pro? I can't afford to lose any data. I have...
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    Moving Icons In IOS 12

    Thank you both very much!! BTW, I don't have a clue how to find iMore or Drippler; never heard of them.
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    Moving Icons In IOS 12

    I need to change location for some icons on my iPhone 7. How do I do that? It was easy a couple of years ago when I could do it with iTunes. Now, I can't figure out how to do it unless I'm moving an icon on the same page. Thank you very much for your help and expertise.
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    Calendar and iPhone synce but Contacts do not

    I'm running a MacBook Pro with the latest OS and a iPhone 7 with iOS 11.4.1. The Calendar on my MacBook Pro and iPhone 7 sync fine with each other. When I put something in Contacts on my iPhone, it shows up on the MacBook Pro. However, if I put something in Contacts on the MacBook Pro, it...
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    "Can't Find Network"

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    "Can't Find Network"

    Searching with Safari on my iPhone 7 works fine at home with my WiFi but when I'm out and about and try to access a web site, I get "Can't Find Network" but I have Cellular on, Cellular Roaming on and the iPhone shows "LTE." I must need a different setting on something. Thank you in advance...
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    Deleting photos without affecting album photos

    Thank you. But... what's the use of having Albums? By putting photos on the roll into Albums, doesn't that just DOUBLE the space they take up?
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    Deleting photos without affecting album photos

    I have a few hundred photos on my iPhone7 and have put quite a few into especially-named Albums. When I went to "clean up" the photos by deleting one, it automatically deleted the photo from the album. Is there a way I can delete photos in my general "Photos" group WITHOUT them being deleted...
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    Deleting photos from iPhone 7 but staying on MacBookPro... ?

    When I delete a photo from my iPhone 7, it deletes the same photo from my Photo app on my MacBookPro. How can I assure photos will stay on my MacBookPro when I delete them from the iPhone 7? The only reason I'm deleting them is to clear up memory on the iPhone. Thank you in advance for your help.
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    Deleting phots from iPhone 7; will they still be on my MacBookpro?

    If I delete photos from my iPhone 7 to open some space, will they still be on my MacBookPro from where they've downloaded with iTunes and Photos? Thanks in advance for your help.