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    iOS 14.2 update: Mail problem

    My wife has an iPhone 7 and had unusual problem with contacts, all contacts moved to the blocked list and so she was uncontactable. Further this was also affecting her iPad 7. I removed all the blocked contacts and all worked ok but they were blocked again the next morning. Because it was on...
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    Need A Capable E-Mail App

    I use an app called spark, it is by readdle, I find it meets my needs well. The one downside is that many apps have a built in email link, ie. if you send an email from within an app it will often only link with the native email app, not a huge issue .
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    Laugh of the Day

    I have had parcels delivered from the USA to Australia via Austria, I actually contacted the supplier to ask why: they couldn’t understand my problem!
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    Switching off answerphone

    This is a service usually offered by your telephone company, some offer a voice message service, others offer an SMS service. If it is a voice message you must dial a number that they will give you to access your messages, if SMS it will simply appear in your message app.
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    Wallet App?

    I just looked at my phone, under settings, wallet & Apple Pay. It gives me the choice of how to activate a payment, in my case double click the home button, you can turn that off. Perhaps you are occasionally double clicking the home button?
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    Wallet App?

    I was not aware that you could add credit cards without activating Apple Pay. However your phone is set to pay for purchases, that is why it is asking you to get closer to the scanner.
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    Wallet App?

    It appears that you have set up Apple Pay in your phone and it is likely that the card that appears is the one that you have stored in your apple (iTunes) account. If you don’t want to use Apple Pay you can turn it off, alternatively you can add your other cards to your account and then select...
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    Apple Card

    There was no speculation, that is exactly what scifan57 told you in response to your original question.
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    Phone Battery

    Try a hard reset (on/off switch & home button at the same time), it is not unusual following an update but a reset will bring it back to normal.
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    iOS 13

    Now resolved, just took 20 minutes to “sign in”.
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    iOS 13

    Experiencing a problem with I messaging, phone number is not associated with I message but is associated with my account. My contacts are not receiving messages under my ID.
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    Best General Purpose Camera App?

    I use one called ProCam, it can be used as a simple point and shoot or can be used with many different settings.
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    What are you doing right NOW??? ;)

    If you go down to the woods today you’re in for a big surprise, if you go down to the woods today you will never believe your eyes..... Anyway, you get the drift.
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    Adding a protective passcode to open a specific document?

    There are many apps, I use one called Bitwarden. Search on the App Store for password managers.
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    FYI: What Caused Problems

    Sorry, I should have realised we were on the iPhone forum. Solution is the same, instal iTunes on your MacBook and plug your phone in via the charging cable, you can then backup to your MacBook.