New Folio Case Will Wake and Sleep Your iPhone X

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    If you’re excitedly waiting to pre-order the iPhone X on Friday, then while you’re busy raiding your piggy-bank you might like to take a look at a new folio-style case for the phone that Apple has just added to its online store. According to AppleInsider, the iPhone X Leather Folio is evidence that the iPhone X has an integrated Hall sensor that is able to wake and sleep the phone just like an iPad Smart Cover. News that the phone might have a Hall effect sensor was first found in the leaked iOS GM firmware last week, so it’s good to have that finally confirmed. Apparently the sensor is located in the side button, another reason why said button is so much larger than usual.

    “Open it and your iPhone wakes up. Close it and it goes to sleep,” said Apple of the new case, which is the first of its kind that Apple has released for an iPhone.

    The case has a microfiber interior and spaces for bills, small notes, and cards. It can also remain on the phone when it is being charged wirelessly.

    All those cool features come at a cost, however, as the case will set you back $99. Should you remain undaunted by the hefty price tag, you’ll have Cosmos Blue, taupe, black, and berry colour options to choose from. The case is currently out of stock, but expect more to become available closer to the iPhone X’s November launch date.

    Source: Apple's new iPhone X folio case wakes/sleeps handset like iPad Smart Cover
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    Looks nice! I always like the wallet type cases for the iPhone.

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