John Gruber: Apple Will Not Use “7s” Name for New iPhones

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    Responding to a recent story from 9to5 Mac about the dummy iPhone 7s Plus photos that were recently posted by Apple leaker Sonny Dickson, Daring Fireball’s John Gruber had this to say about the dummy images and, in particular, about the naming of Apple’s two new non-OLED iPhones:
    Gruber went on to say that he thinks Apple will use one of two of the following sets of names for its new iPhone range, as “either of these naming schemes would make all three new iPhones sound new”:

    “iPhone 8, iPhone 8 Plus, iPhone 8 Pro; or iPhone, iPhone Plus, iPhone Pro.”

    Gruber thinks Apple will drop the 7s name 1.JPG

    Meanwhile, Slashleaks has been posting various images of iPhone 7s (as we’ll have to call it for the time being!) cases and packaging leaflets, both of which have a rear Touch ID sensor. It has to be said that there’s no way of knowing if either of the images are genuine, and other recent images, including the aforementioned images posted by Sonny Dickson, did not show the iPhone 7s with a rear Touch ID sensor.

    Source: Daring Fireball

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