Iphone 6S finger print sensor will only work on some screens. Why??

Discussion in 'IPhone 6S' started by tumble2209, Nov 27, 2018.

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    Ive got an iphone 6S which had a smashed screen. It had a new aftermarket screen put on and the finger print sensor worked fine. The screen though was not the best of fits and got damaged when put on. Got another screen and put it on but FPS wouldnt work (unable to activate touch ID). So i tried another new one and still wouldnt work. I had an old cracked aftermarket screen used to for testing phones and the FPS works fine. Ive tried 3 other new OEM screens but the FPS wont work on. So ive got a white cracked screen with the original black home button all working fine, but cannot find another new screen that works with the original home button. Has anyone else had this issue?. Any help would be appreciated. Many thanks, Gary.
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    Ok, take a look at these old thread over on the various other forums :

    iPhone 6 touch id not working after scree… - Apple Community
    SOLVED: Touch ID not working after screen replacement - iPhone 6 Plus

    If I'm reading these correctly, some people are suggesting that the screen and home button are essentially one unit and should be swapped out together, which is why your original home button may work with the cracked screen. Some suggest that the problem is with the button connector ribbon which can become damaged, and others have stated that restoring the phone solves the problem by registering all the components together again.....you pays your money and takes your choice!!

    That said, I have a 6s with a 3rd party screen replacement and my touch ID only works intermittently. It will work for a while after each iOS update and then randomly stop working. The other day it just started working again, lasted about a week and then stopped....all a little frustrating....maybe it's time for an upgrade!! ;)

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