Hey everyone...want to save my 6S?

Discussion in 'New Members' started by Disgruntled, Feb 8, 2018.

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    Hey all, i’ve been an Apple user for quite a few years, with an Android break in between. I had an OG iPhone and then a 3G...then Androids...then came back when the 5C was introduced and have been in love since...until now. Now, I am pissed and honestly hate Apple at this point.

    My 6S had been the best phone I had ever owned. I loved this phone. Until that damn update. I really wish Apple would get sued for what they did...and lose. Badly. I’m sure you all know what i’m ranting about. Their admitted malicious sabotage of older phones. Mine was a victim and I am beyond pissed. I came here to try one final time to fix the issues before I simply smash it and go back to Android.

    I downloaded the 11.whatever update like an idiot and now I have severe battery issues, phone constantly glitches and randomly shuts down. It has to live on a damn charger. Last night it shut down at 100% battery, claimed it was dead. Plugged it in...99%. Phone almost went for a flight lesson right then. It does this all the time.

    What I want to know, is there a way (i’ll Pay, I don’t care) to “downgrade” this brick to the 10.notaPOS.1 software, and in the process ELIMINATE all the garbage EDITED, uh, Apple put on it? I know I probably need a battery but I won’t put a dime into this thing until that malware is gone.

    Is jailbreaking an option to get rid of it all? Sorry to have such a fiery intro post, but i’m Just really ticked off because this was such a good phone and i’d Love 5 minutes alone with the EDITED that authorized this activity that SHOULD be illegal. If you took your car into the dealer and they began loading “updates” that ruined your car slowly to make you buy a new one...it would be illegal. Should be the same with these phones. We own them, not Apple. We get SUPPORT from Apple...they do not own the phone. So they are destroying MY property. Which infuriates me.

    So, yea, any way to save this or do I just need to go ahead and smash it...then mail it to Apple with a huge, scathing hate letter? Y’all see I can write them.
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    Welcome to iPhone Forums!

    The feature Apple built into the software should prevent your iPhone from shutting down unexpectedly, it should not behave the way you see it.
    There’s a small number of iPhone 6s units, however, that get a battery replacement for free, because of this issue:
    iPhone 6s Program for Unexpected Shutdown Issues - Apple Support
    Contact Apple, they will tell you what you have to do, and whether or not your iPhone is eligible. From your post, it looks like it’s one of these devices.

    To answer your question:
    No, you can’t revert to iOS 10x. It’s not signed any more by Apple. Even jailbreaking won’t help getting back to an iOS not signed by Apple.

    And a look into the future: iOS 11.3 (not available yet) will have a feature that allows turning off Apple’s security measurement (in your words: malicious sabotage). They did not add it, so that you have to buy a new one. This is meant to help using the device you own for a longer period.

    I do understand that you are angry, because your iPhone isn’t working as it should. I do ask you, though, to mind your language. This is a family friendly forum.
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