Apple planning to launch a line of colorful iPhones?

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    According to a new report posted online, Apple is looking to diversify the image of the iPhone. Cupertino might have taken a sneak peek into the Nokia garden and has found some of the aspects pleasing, because according to Apple *****, the American tech giant plans to release different colored versions of the iPhone just like the Finnish company has done with their Lumia 920.

    Apple has apparently posted a job in which it is looking for an anodizing engineer. That name sounds extremely fa​​ncy, but basically, what the person that gets the job will eventually have to do, is add color to aluminum. Nevertheless, the job ad does not mention the iPhone, or any other Apple gadget for that matter, so maybe we’re going to see colorful iPads in the future, or other iPod shades. The ad states that the company is looking for somebody to “help create the next generation of the world’s finest electronic devices”, thus leaving a shroud of mystery.

    The new anodizing engineer will have to research blasting, polishing, PVD and Physical Vapor Deposition techniques.

    Capital Markets analyst Brian White and Jeffries analyst Peter Misek have stated some time ago that the next generation iPhone will probably come in a variety of six to eight colors. This will mean that historically, the iPhone 5S will be the first smartphone to come out of Apple to sport different colors other than white and black.

    Source: IndiaTimes
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    This is soooooooooo cute! I hope there's pink :)
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    doubt this is gonna happen with the iphones

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