Apple could launch the iPhone 5S in the middle of 2013

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    There has been some talk of whether the next iPhone to come out of Apple will bear the title of iPhone 5S or of iPhone 6. And now a report coming from one Credit Suisse analyst who was also present at MWC, confirms what most have feared.

    Based on the product renewal cycle Apple has been practicing so far, Cupertino is going to launch the iPhone 5S somewhere in the middle of the year. The report goes on to make a few other comments about Apple business.

    We have seen a lot of rumors about the tech giant starting work on a cheaper version of its iconic smartphone, a vers​ion aimed at developing markets like China. According to the analyst, Apple needs this low-end iPhone in order to compete with Samsung and the Android operating system which has snatched up a big chunk of smartphone subscriptions.

    Credit Suisse has also axed its predictions about iPhone sales. Even with a new product on its way this year, the market has been confronted with 35 new smartphone launches, 70% of them being high-end while more than 60% sport a screen larger than the iPhone 5. Not to mention the Samsung Galaxy S4 is on its way in 2013 as well.

    However, even so, Apple still managed to dominate the smartphone market along Samsung. Apple lost some territory compared to 2012 when it had 18%, while in 2013 (so far) it only holds 16%. Samsung on the other hand experienced growth, snatching 34% in 2013, compared to the 29% of 2012.

    Source: ValueWalk
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    If galaxy 4 coming out before iPhone 5S I say apple will lose more than what they lose so far,this is my opinion
    I can wait to see new model of iPhone specialy I'm planing to update mine iPhone 4 this year

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