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YouJump - Put Yourself in the Game!


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Nov 11, 2011
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Hi everyone!

I'm glad to introduce YouJump, a unique jumping game where you can attach your photo to the main characters.

iTunes link: App Store - You Jump!


Put yourself in the game! Get creative and have a blast!

You Jump is the first game of its kind.... You will not find any other game like it in the app store!

You Jump lets you put yourself and your friends in the game.... You become the main characters!

Playing You Jump is simple.... If you’ve played those “other” jump games, you know exactly what to do. Your mission is to score as high as possible and collect as many coins and gems as you can along the way. The coins will help you unlock amazing new worlds and sounds.

You Jump is GAME CENTER friendly! See how you stack up with players from all around the world.

Share your score via Facebook, Twitter & Email and show your friends who the real game master is!

Download the coolest, true first player game in the app store today and get yourself in the game!




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