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You have ONE week to vote on what app Applits makes next!


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Jul 11, 2012
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Applits' October voting week is now open! That means you have ONE week to log on to http://applits.com and vote up your favorite app ideas. Note: all app ideas listed were submitted by people like you and I...anyone in the world can submit an idea to Applits!

The top-voted app idea by the end of October is developed by applits, and the submitter of that idea is given $350 as well as 10% of all profits the app brings in after it is developed and released.

Check it out and cast your votes. You have five...use them wisely! If you have any app ideas of your own, you can submit them to the site here to be entered into next month's competition (the competition runs every month): http://applits.com/submit-idea.php?

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