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Woman Has Thumb Tendons Removed Due to Excess iPhone Use


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Jun 18, 2010
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WTSP News reports today the cautionary tale of a woman from Philadelphia who has just had to have surgery to remove the tendons on her thumb because she was using her iPhone too much! Apparently she was suffering from what doctors have started calling "Blackberry thumb", which, aside from having the wrong name (it should be "iPhone thumb"!), sounds like a rather nasty ailment with symptoms that include pain, inflammation, numbness and tingling. But before we all start panicking and sending off emails to Steve Jobs, it would seem that you have to be using your iPhone pretty obsessively in order to risk inflicting such injuries on yourself. It turns out that the woman in question, a mortgage banker, was spending a ridiculous 12 hours a day texting clients on her iPhone!

"I'm texted out!" she told WTSP, although she added that she's keen to get back to work, and is currently resting her thumbs and using the "hunt and peck" method instead! Meanwhile, medical advice given on the matter to WTSP is to stop texting if you start feeling pain. Ya think?!

Source: WTSP