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Windows Live Messenger keeps repeating messages


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Mar 17, 2011
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  1. I have an iPhone 4.
  2. I downloaded Windows Live Messenger from the Apps Store via my iPhone4.
  3. It was working fine for a week.
  4. This morning I was having a discussion with two people via the app on chat.
  5. My MSN IM is a @hotmail.com account.
  6. One of the persons I was communicating with has a @live.com account and the other has a @hotmail.co.uk account.
  7. Shortly after the conversations, I started receiving notification messages from Messenger on my iPhone, it was the same conversation I was having with the @hotmail.co.uk account user. It kept repeating the notifications of the messages over and over.
  8. I received upwards of 500 notifications an hour, all of them were from the conversation I had with the @hotmail.co.uk user. It just kept repeating 4 of the messages over and over again, hundreds of times. It did not do this for the conversation I had with the other person.
  9. It does this even if I'm not logged into Windows Live Messenger on my iPhone4, it just keeps alerting me of messages for Messenger regardless.
  10. I deleted Windows Live Messenger off of my iPhone 4 and reinstalled it, twice.
  11. I turned the iPhone 4 off and on multiple times.
  12. I Deleted my history, my cookies, and cleared the cache numerous times on my iPhone4.
  13. The only way to stop the influx of messages is to go into SETTINGS, NOTIFICATIONS, MESSENGER, and turn SOUNDS, ALERTS, and BADGES to OFF.
  14. I do not receive these messages on my PC where I also use Windows Live Messenger.
  15. To test out something, I downloaded an application for iPhone 4 called ebuddy and accessed my @hotmail.com account for instant messaging and it DID NOT give me these repeated messages.
  16. I reloaded the Windows Live Messenger application for iPhone 4 again, and it still does it.
What is causing this?

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