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Walmart& iPhone 6


Jul 5, 2012
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walmart has a good deal going on right now. You can trade in an old iphone 4 and 4s included for an iPhone 6. I just did this with my sons 4s his was in almost mint condition. Walmart sells the iPhone 6 for $179 they gave him $190. I ended up having to pay $4(taxes) he's pretty thrilled to have an iPhone 6 - he always gets our hand-me down phones. Great deal!
Feel for us in Australia $873 US For a 64 gb 6
Maybe this will make you feel better, those are prices for a subsidized locked iphone, probably locked for two years and by the time the subsidy is paid off, priced like your prices. I think these are the unlocked, no subsidy no contract prices:
  • iPhone 6 (16GB): $649
  • iPhone 6 (64GB): $749
  • iPhone 6 (128GB): $849
  • iPhone 6 Plus (16GB): $749
  • iPhone 6 Plus (64GB): $849
  • iPhone 6 Plus (128GB): $949
That kind of sounds like the same prices.
The price I quoted was unlocked direct from Apple

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Me too. I was trying to tell you the Walmart price you were envying is not for an un locked phone but is tied to a 2 year contract that the wireless company subsidizes by basically adding the subsidized amount to the monthly service contract so in essence, almost all subsidized phones eventually cost the same as unlocked ones, they just get paid over 24 months