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Voice recording problems


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May 27, 2011
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I brought one of those Verizon Iphones and would like to use the recording feature using a blue-tooth head set. Here is where my problem starts: I have to record the model and serial number on Central AC and Refh when working on them. The voice recorder makes it easy when I go back to the truck to order a part and to listen and type it into a laptop. I have two different Java blue-tooth ear pieces but neither one would do the trick . I want to be able to record the numbers and listen to them through the ear piece. I stopped by one of the Verizon stores and they told me the ones I am trying to use won't work but the Jawbone and Bose will do the trick. I brought the blue-tooth Bose and yea, forked out 150.00 bucks and brought the Bose and yea I have the same problem...lol. Does anyone know if there is a program or different wireless ear piece that will work. Even after I select in the recording menu all I hear is static. I want to be able to hit the record icon and speak through the blue-tooth and when I get back to the truck listen to it through the ear piece...thanks, Mike