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voice memo was sent to me over imeassage or mms, cant find


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Mar 19, 2014
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This is a tricky one but here it goes. I was sent a voice memo either by mms or imessage. I deleted that conversation awhile ago and now need that audio file! My phone constantly restarts after 15 seconds on so i cannot use the phone. I have put it into dfu mode right now and i am trying to recover files using software. I also have another software which is recovering files from an iphone backup. Where would the imessage voice memo be stored if i have deleted the conversation? I had a car accident and the person is trying to sure me! The audio has proof everyone was fine in the vehicle. Any help would be greatly appreciated!
I'm afraid that once deleted, that audio file is not recoverable, especially since it's been a while since you deleted it.
Aw man you gotta be kidding me thank you for your quick response though. This sucks. Is it saved in any temporary folders on the phone by any chance? or hidden?
I am downloading the earliest i cloud backup i have as we speak hopeful to find it there.