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VERIZON iPhone Carrier Logo + Red Signal Bars How To


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA

So after my videos where I debuted the Verizon carrier logo up at the upper left, people have been asking me how to do that. Well, I did you guys one better by adding iOS 4 Red Signal Bars aswell. I also attepted and succeeding at installing a red battery on my status bar, but it looked like my phone was dying all the time. I believe that if you really want to pretend or trick your friends that you have the mystical Verizon iPhone, it is best just to change the name and the signal bars. Once a working tweak for red 3G, Edge, and WiFi comes out, I will keep you guys posted. The two things you need to download at MyStrings and iOS 4 Red Signal Bars from Cydia.
Trying to customize slider and not working. Anyone else having an issue?
Can I change my stock little green battery in the status bar into a teal/ blue to match my bars and wifi? Haven't found an app that works yet for my iPhone 4.