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Twitter and Google Calendar Combined in the Same App


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Jun 18, 2010
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If you're the sort of person who both enjoys Tweeting via Twitter and organising yourself with Google Calendar, then you should take a look at Infoteria's TwitCal iPhone app, which can be used to tweet and follow events through Twitter, as well as making it easy for you to integrate your Google Calendar, combining social and private events into one easy-to-manage calendar. TwitCal's mash-up, single-interface calendar lets users view events booked by other TwitCal users, events imported via Twitter, Google Calendar and events updated by a followed calendar, as well as their own events.

TwitCal's five main features are "Tweet Event", where users can tweet any event they'd like to share, "Smart Sync with Google Calendar" which is pretty self-explanatory, "Follow Calendar", where users can follow other TwitCal users' calendars, upon user approval of course, "Share with Friend" and "Multiple View".

TwitCal is available now in the Apple iTunes App Store for $2.99/£1.79.

Source: Infoteria