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The Leef iBridge is a Lightening-Equipped iPhone Dongle That Expands Storage Up To 256GB


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Jun 15, 2010
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Bay Area, CA
Let's face it, our iOS devices are becoming more and more like our desktop and laptop computers at home. Unfortunately, unlike our home machines, there hasn't really been any way to add more storage to our devices in the mainstream.

The Leef iBridge is looking to change that. The small dongle acts as a USB flash drive, however it is Lightening equipped and holds up to 256GB of extra space. The iBridge works using the App Store application where users can transfer photos, videos and other data when the dongle is plugged in to the Lightening port of an iOS device. On the other end a USB plug, allowing transferring of files to PCs and Macs with ease.

We must warn you the device is a bit pricey; 256GB ($399), 128GB ($200), 64GB ($120), 32GB ($80) and 16GB ($60). Most of us folks who splurged out on the new 128GB iPhones normally need not worry. But folks looking for a little extra space while traveling should check these bad boys out.
Has anyone tried one of these? A site I use here in the UK has started to sell them.