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The Blue Stones Music Video Gives Starring Role to FaceTime and the iPhone 4


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Jun 18, 2010
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[ame=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v2NXavzZO6E&feature=player_embedded]YouTube - The Blue Stones - I'm A Stereo - Official Music Video[/ame]​

Check out this new music video featured on TUAW from Canadian band The Blue Stones, starring FaceTime on two iPhone 4s. The video is for a song called I’m A Stereo. For some reason they have covered up the names of the band members as shown on the FaceTime videochat below the videos, even though they’re in the band, so not exactly top secret! It’s probably just an artistic thing, but TUAW has done its research and found that the band members are drummer Justin Tessier and guitarist/vocalist Tarek Jafar. The band are based out of Windsor, Ontario, and if you like the track, you can find it along with five other tracks on their EP, which is available at their official website here: The Blue Stones. The band says that they will also be available on iTunes very soon. They’re unsigned at the moment, but using FaceTime so prominently in their video is a smart move, as it certainly will attract some attention for them from Apple fans.

Source: TUAW FaceTime is the star in The Blue Stones music video

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