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Taking videos/pictures from your iPhone 6 plus


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Oct 12, 2013
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Does anyone know if this can be done or not? after taking a picture or a video can I have it automatically upload to my computer? If so how do I do this ? Thank you
I don't believe you can send it directly to your pc but you can have it automatically upload to cloud services such as I cloud or onedrive and then access it from your pc
What I do is upload all my photos/ videos to Google Drive. From there I can access them using any device. I always wait until I can get WiFi access though, saves that data bucket...
I use google + and many others like shoebox Lyfe etc ever album
I can access my photos via iCloud on all of my devices: 6+ iPad and MacBook Pro. I import to iphoto on my Mac just to be on the safe side

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