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Syncing Yahoo mail and Outlook


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Dec 20, 2011
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Does anyone know how I can access my email in Outlook on my iPhone and iPad?

To explain further....... I'm using Outlook 2010 to access my email on my Yahoo account. This works fine on my PC but on my iPhone and iPad I access my mail through Yahoo. There is no synchronisation between the two so if I delete an email from Yahoo on my phone it still appears in Outlook on my PC. However when I access Outlook on my PC to check my emails all email data is deleted from my iPhone and iPad. Another problem is that I obviously can't set up the same kind of filling system on Yahoo and Outlook i.e. if I file an email in one it won't be filed in the other and vice versa. People have spoken to me about setting my yahoo account up via imap instead of pop but I don't think this will resolve all my problems. I'm accessing the yahoo server via Outlook as a front-end on my PC but accessing the yahoo server directly via Yahoo on my phone and iPad. To fix the issue I think I basically need to be able to use Outlook directly to access my emails on my phone and iPad. Can I do this using Microsoft Exchange?? I think you need to pay for this service and need to know if it will work before doing so.

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