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Sync 2013 - version 2.0.2. (Sync your contacts with your PC without Cloud)


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Jan 23, 2011
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I would like to present you my app - Sync 2013 - for synchronizing contacts with PC without Cloud services.
This app is a next version of well known Sync - Synchronize and Share app (more then 15.000 downloads).

=== FEATURES ===
* Synchronize and backups your contacts between several devices (PC, iPhone/iPod Touch)
- use one-way or bidirectional synchronization over LAN and Wi-Fi/WLAN
- your data are not sent to any foreign server
- your data are encrypted during data exchange with your PC
- synchronize all contact's data available on iPhone (including group of contacts and contact's image)
- archive and restore your contacts
* Share your contacts
- use Bluetooth connection to share your contacts with your friends or colleges
* Edit your contacts
- use a standalone PC application for edition and modification of contact's data
- manage your contacts in groups
- print contacts
- merge multiple contacts
- batch processing of several contacts
* Exchange and Backup your data
- import and export your contacts using VCF format
- backup and restore your database using XML format
- import data from CSV (comma separated values) files

Check sync.ilczuk.com for more info or download now the Free Version and try it out today!
AppStore Link to Paid Version

AppStore Link to Free Version

Have fun with the app,
Your Sync Team

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