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New version: Sync - Synchronize and Share your Contacts 1.3.3


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Jan 23, 2011
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new version (1.3.3) of the Sync - Synchronize and Share your Contacts is available.

=== FEATURES ===

* Synchronize and backup your contacts and synchronize between several devices (PC, iPhone/iPod Touch)
- use one-way or bidirectional synchronization over LAN and Wi-Fi/WLAN
- synchronize all contact's data available on iPhone (including group of contacts and contact's image)
- archive and restore your contacts
* Share your contacts
- use Bluetooth connection to share your contacts with your friends or colleges
* Edit your contacts
- use a standalone PC application for edition and modification of contact's data
- manage your contacts in groups
- print contacts
* Exchange and Backup your data
- import and export your contacts using VCF format
- backup and restore your database using XML format
- import data from CSV (comma separated values) files [NEW]

=== NEW FEATURES IN 1.3.3 ===

* Added CVS import
- user defined definition file allows to import any CSV file
- three example definition files for common apps included

* Added contact merging

- merge two or more contacts together

* Enhanced contact batch processing

- now including a conditional change of fields

* Enhanced import UI

- creating automatically an import group
- adding imported contacts to an user defined group

=== CHANGES IN 1.3.3 ===

* Rewritten UI for viewing and editing contacts/group of contacts
* Integrated edition of single and multiple contacts
* Speed up displaying contact and event lists (double buffering)

Check sync.ilczuk.com for more info or download now the Free Version and try it out today!

AppStore Link to Paid Version: App Store - Sync - Synchronize and Share your contacts
AppStore Link to Free Version: App Store - Sync - Synchronize and Share Your contacts (Free)


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