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Sprint Activates Another 1.5 Million iPhones


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Jun 18, 2010
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AppleInsider reports that Sprint has today announced that it activated 1.5 million iPhones in the third quarter of 2012, just as it has for the past two quarters before that. According to Sprint’s figures, 40% of the 1.5 million iPhones that it moved were to new customers, just as they were in the June quarter. Sprint did not provide separate figures for the iPhone 5, which didn’t launch until the final week of the quarter.

"The Sprint platform performed well, with strong net subscriber additions, record third quarter postpaid and prepaid churn and robust revenue growth, contributing to Adjusted OIBDA of $1.28 billion even as we continue to invest in Network Vision and position the company for future growth," said Dan Hesse, Sprint CEO. "As a result, we believe we will slightly exceed the top of the range of our recently increased Adjusted OIBDA forecast."

And as AppleInsider notes, Sprint has good reason to celebrate even further, as with the advent of the iPad mini and the fourth-generation iPad, it will now be able to support Apple’s tablet for the first time: previous versions of the iPad were only compatible with AT&T and Verizon networks in the US.

Source: Sprint again activates 1.5 million iPhones in third quarter

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