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SpeedStar Racers by Suminell Studios


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Jun 16, 2014
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‘SpeedStar Racers’ is available on the Apple App Store from 17.06.2014

SpeedStar Racers is a fun, fast-paced 2D racing game which puts players behind the wheel of a star-fuelled, high-speed racing car and propels them over a variety of exciting, themed tracks. Skill and judgement are required to outpace and outmanoeuvre a host of determined opponents. Using simple, one-touch controls SpeedStar Racers is easy to pick-up and play and provides a perfect adrenaline shot for gamers of all ages and abilities.






SpeedStar Racers is available on iOS devices for £1.99 in the U.K. and is priced accordingly in other regions. The app is available world-wide from the Apple AppStore.

SpeedStar Racers - iTunes Link - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speedstar-racers/id887186865?mt=8

SpeedStar Racers Lite (free version) - iTunes Link - https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/speedstar-racers-lite/id887226043?mt=8

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Suminell Studios

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My apologies.

I'll be sure to give the forum rules a more thorough read through.

Some SpeedStars have been asking what the mysterious Skull Stars are and how the heck you get them... here's the how.

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